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 $300k a Month

I'm Bobby.

I went from an almost-lifer government employee to selling $73,000 a MONTH on Amazon.

Next Goal: $300k a month!

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February - March 2015

I Propose to my AMAZING fiancee and she says YES!
Whoops... just realized I cleared out my bank account on her engagement ring!
And... we're getting married in 8 months.
And... weddings cost MONEY!

April - May 2015

I hear about Private Labeling on the Smart Passive Income Podcast with guest Ryan Moran
I start selling my possessions.
Product research commences, suppliers contacted, order placed.

June 15, 2015

My shipment arrives at Amazon!
My first sale is taken later that day!!!
$$$$ : )

December 2015

Sales are cranking!
I come in just shy of $50k... if only I were prepared for 4th Quarter!

May - June 2016

I'm a full-timer now!

After just about 1 year selling on Amazon I'm selling $73,161.49... a month.

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